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10 Peruvian Desserts that Will Make You Fat

Peruvian Arroz con Leche Rice Pudding

#2. Arroz Con Leche / Rice Pudding

Peruvians eat rice almost every day. If you want to annoy a Peruvian, dare to serve us a dish without rice. All hell will break loose, I promise. We will begin complaining: where is the rice?! Since Peruvians can’t live without rice, we also have it for dessert: Arroz con Leche. The rise of rice pudding in Latin America began after the Spanish Conquest. Although Spaniards brought it to the Americas, rice pudding is an original Moorish recipe. Arroz con Leche is made by slowly cooking the rice in milk and sugar. Adding raising and cinnamon add a refined taste. Street hawkers have been selling Arroz con Leche since the birth of colonialism.

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